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Update by user Jun 08, 2012

If anyone is still chasing orders - please beware they are now changing their name to SPAUDA UK - same dodgy company - same company registration number and registered address etc etc - Keep hassling Neill John and his associates Vytenis Rumisa and Clar Hunnisett & Kevan Charles Eveleigh - it does work!

Update by user Jun 08, 2012

If anyone is still chasing orders - please beware they are now changing their name to SPAUDA UK - same dodgy company - same company registration number and registered address etc etc - Keep hassling Neill John and his associates Vytenis Rumisa and Clar Hunnisett & Kevan Charles Eveleigh - it does work!

Update by user Jun 08, 2012

I have been adding minimum weekly updates for those of you suffering with this nightmare company!

I have also been emailed directly from customers who prefer not to write on this site - my advice is to keep hassling Neill John and you may to be lucky like us and get your books.

Original review posted by user May 08, 2012

Please please please don't use this company. We are a small business and we have just been ripped off by over £1000.

Placed a book order for a 1000 books, paid the 50% up front fee (by bacs) (unfortunately) as required in the t&c's 8 weeks later still not book!!!

Started to do some digging around online the director a Mr Neil Stuart Malcolm John and his associate Mr Kevan Charles Eveleigh have been involved in 11 other companies in this line of industry all for 12 months at a time - funny old thing all dissolved - now am going to have to try to perusue this matter through the small claims court! In these tough economic climates we small business can ill afford such fraudulent behaviour!!!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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http://blogs.kipublishing.com/index.php/insolvency/action-fraud I have an idea that might work

Haslemere, Surrey, United Kingdom #996794

Just when I am really busy - a plea from the latest victim of the current company - a Croatian printer owed big-time! http://blogs.kipublishing.com/index.php/justice/

I can hardly believe his ...

and have made an appointment for 1st

July ... after which I hope to report back!

Ki Publishing (again)

Newbury, West Berkshire, United Kingdom #942454

6th February 2015

Third solicitor in two years. Wonder why?

So said the anonymous e.mailer who sent in the details below


Neill John's latest solicitor

Tonner Johns Ratti 48 Walter Road Swansea Glamorgan SA1 5PW +++++++++ Original Posting 2014: Neill John's (now ex-) solicitor in the Cardiff area of Wales is Morgan Cole.

Please look on the Ki Publishing page on Facebook if you want more details. We know 2 people who have actually obtained a substantial partial refund

Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom #942012
Thank you to whoever sent me this ...
"The link from The Insolvency Service says that 19 (yes that is not a reprint) companies were formed by these directors. I have only ever found 14 so would assume that some must have been based abroad."
Britannia Press Ltd (06700094)
Swane Limited (05900774)
Online Printing UK Limited (05342420)
Pure Printing Ltd (05303362) Genius Marketing International Limited (04702460) Training Solutions Ltd (04225191) Marketing Solutions Wales Ltd (04221756) Media Solutions Wales Ltd (04221752) Internet Solutions Wales Ltd (04221758) Mailing Solutions Wales Ltd (04218908) Dragon Print Ltd (04219039) Active Print Media Ltd (03967958) Netresults UK Ltd (03528627) Swiftsure Consultants Ltd (03390026) 1st Class printers Ltd (02469242) Ambeck Corporation Ltd (07718098) Masterclass Associates Ltd (07103604) Dragon Press Ltd (06949013) Trade Print Europe Ltd (05471580) ......

I did not know of 3 of these but I do know 3 companies associated with these directors that were set up and dissolved in the 1990s and were operating in the Florida Time Share Market.

There is a Ki Publishing blog entitled Cowboy Printers where you can follow this further ... Oh, by the way basic company details of companies registered in England and Wales can now be referred to on-line for free at Companies House.
Ashford, Surrey, United Kingdom #941504

This is my fault! In the comment posted 5 minutes ago I had meant to write Neill Stuart John. My apologies!

Ashford, Surrey, United Kingdom #941502

This is not correct. NJ is still at 4 Pioden For, Barry Island.

He is the shadow director of the eponymously named A Printing Company Limited.

At one point he changed his company's name to pass himself off as a Canadian print house. In fact, many of his company names in the past have attempted passing off


I could not reply to the person above directly as I could not find a name or an e.mail address. This person might well be correct. But so am I.

My information, comment below, came via a publisher I know who did not initially receive his order from The Printing House. When he complained the publisher was sent a solicitors' letter telling him to stop making trouble!

The person who instructed the solicitor was definitely John Stuart Neill. He could well have 2 companies (not illegal) in operation at the same time

Sturminster Newton, Dorset, United Kingdom #941142

I really do need to spend 2 or 3 days updating all the printers (another from Croatia has contacted me recently) and companies that I know this group of swindlers have been involved with. By the end of February please look at the Cowboy Printer on Ki Publishing blogs.

These postings do not allow actual links to be posted.

However, the real point of this post is to let everyone know that Neill John is back in busines of not paying his subcontractors and sending out his work and the company he has set up in called The Printing House (TPH) London and it has a Facebook page.

While talking about Facebook I know that around 4-5 years ago Neill John posted a Facebook photo of himself and his (then) new Ferrari outside his house in Wales. I have written confirmation from swindled people who saw this. I did not see it myself as it was quickly taken down.

However, if anyone, by chance, still has the link to that picture we might be able to find it and post it up ourselves in some way! Yes, that is a longshot, but longshots do sometimes pay dividends.

The last thing I want to say at the moment is that Neill (who now uses his middle name of Stuart) now has a co uk company and the rest of the domain name is tph printing

to Ki Publishing Co-op #1100878

Hello Ki publishing,

Please can you give me your contact. I would like to talk to you. We are an other east European printer having problems with this guy called "Stuart"

thank you


Today Companies House is to make all of its digital data available free of charge.

Use this service and pass on that it exists. For the link which was not accepted here see Cowboy printer on the Ki Publishing blog of that name!

Oxford, England, United Kingdom #828315

This is a useful alternative way of ensuring others also know not to use any of John Neill's companies. If I can not link it here is is called Blacklisted dot com. Details on our Twitter or Facebook pages and on the Cowboy Printer Ki Publishing blog.


Anyone else chasing these guys up still, want to get in contact. I could really use some help and information. thanks

to Crookmonster Oxford, England, United Kingdom #825449

I am writing it all down on a Ki Publishing blog - called Cowboy Printer. I have the info but just need to post it all up.

I know we can prove fraud - 9 printers now owed many thousands each plus all those who did not receive their products.

Had to finish something else first but will now try and concentrate as he does not seem to stop! He is just blatant!

to ki_publishing Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia #833909

Hy, we are one of the frouded printer in Croatia, can You give me Your e mail or facebook account and help us somehow?

Thank You!

to Crookmonster Oxford, England, United Kingdom #828316

I did have a BBC Wales journalist willing to do an expose - but I had to get the proof. Have a look at Cowboy Printer - a Ki Publishing blog where I will be documenting it all - the problem is time.

Give me another week or so.

to Crookmonster #834374

Managed frank discussion with man from the Insolvency Service this morning. He promised that he would look into the situation and meet me again tomorrow.

He also said that the reason was actually wound up was the result of pressure from this site combined with pressure (eventually) from Trading Standards in Cardiff. He did mention this listing!

I told him that winding up one of a series of many companies was pointless if the directors were not disqualified! That is why he is going o meet me tomorrow! We know they are currently trading under yet another name.

Having a system that does not protect the vulnerable is absolutely pointless and business without trust is impossible.

I realize people need room to make mistakes - but this is just turning our backs on common sense backed up by facts and that is inviting anarchy to take over!

Look here tomorrow or Thursday for what the "Man fro the Ministry" says.

Hopefully they are considering disqualification as directors. Pretty toothless as such - BUT it would keep those who are determined to make a mockery of the law under control for a few months at least!


Neill John is still working his scams and was prevented by an alert employee from walking off with £20,000 (half of the £40,000 total) for a large printing job. That was less than a month ago! He was then calling himself Stuart John

The swindles go back into the Florida Time Share market in the 1990s using the same techniques


I have just put my case together and am sueing the insolvency practioners. They knew what was going on and at the politeest end of the scale they knew what was going on.

In practice I can NOT YET PROVE that they were actually paid for that service. Watch this space - but do allow for the slowness of the legal system.

Nothing will happen tomorrow - or even this week!!! But happen it will!


I wonder if the new company in the new name he was using as Tony Guy has also been checked out!


The Company was incorporated on 26 July 2011.

The Company traded as a printing agency as Atlas Print Group between November 2011 and June 2012. The trading premises were at Sophia House, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF10 9LJ. The Company outsourced the actual printing to a supplier in Lithuania.

The Company ceased to trade after the supplier began to fail to produce the print jobs either on time or at all.

On 28 November 2012 the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, in accordance with powers conferred on him by Sections 447(3) and 453 of the Companies Act 1985, authorised officers of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to investigate the affairs of the Company. From information and documents obtained under Part XIV Companies Act 1985, it appeared to the Secretary of State that it was expedient in the public interest that the Company be wound up on the following grounds: -

1. Lack of commercial probity: The Company appeared to be one of a number of similar companies associated with Kevan Charles Eveleigh and Neill Stuart Malcolm John that have traded briefly and then been dissolved despite, in some cases, having been insolvent. One such Company, Masterclass Associates Limited, was dissolved on 26 June 2012. However, owing to information obtained in this investigation, the Secretary of State applied to the Court to restore Masterclass Associates Limited to the register and wind it up together with Ambeck Corporation Limited. An insolvency practitioner was approached with a view to dissolving Ambeck Corporation Limited. The Company has unsecured liabilities of at least £92,748.

2. Failure to deliver up adequate accounting books and records / Failure to maintain and/or preserve adequate company records.

3. Breach of provisions of the Companies Act 2006 in that the Company has not had a registered director since 02 October 2012 and the Company has not filed an annual return that was due on 23 August 2012.

The Secretary of State presented his petitions to wind up both Ambeck Corporation Limited and Masterclass Associates Limited to the Court on 26 June 2013. The Court wound up both companies on 20 September 2013 and appointed the Official Receiver as liquidator.

If you have a claim against the Company or any information that may assist the Official Receiver please phone 0161 234 8483 or e-mail piu.north@insolvency.gsi.gov.uk.

to PIUNorth2003 London, England, United Kingdom #721051

This is another of the scams perpetrated by a small group of people. All were bought "bought off the shelf" from the same company formation which was in St. Margaret's Street, just behind Regent's Street in London. All began with bank accounts just around the corner in Tottenham Court Road, and all were closed and wound up 3-4 weeks AFTER THE NEW PRINTING COMPANY had been set up so that monies could be transferred into the clutches of the new printing company. This implies to me that there was collusion from someone inside the bank and it leaves the money virtually untraceable. There was also a conspiracy with the initial company liquidation service. For at least 4 of the printing companies that were would up by this company the EXACT SAME WORDING explaining how the printing industry was in hard times were used. If that was the truth then why go into a new printing venture with the identical people who possess the same skills?

Neill John began his working life selling time shares in the Florida Time Share market honing his skills so that he knew the ropes for the printing ventures that were to come. His initial time share companies were UK registered and then he began registering abroad - thus staying ahead and out-of-sight of the UK authorities

If anyone would like more information then I have been collecting information and putting the jigsaw together for over 3 years and I am willing to share it with anyone who contacts me via my Facebook page or via Ki Publishing's facebook. It seems that as far as suppliers go anyone lucky enough to receive their printing got it care of the suppliers. There are at least 2 Lithuanian printers who have not been paid, and two UK printers in that position. One was owed almost £25,000.

An investigative journalist is now involved in this project. Anyone willing to talk to him and I can pass on his details. This man is a compulsive flouter of both the law and of morality. He needs to be stopped. I lost £4,000 and a lot of time and effort.

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